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09:00 Welcome and overview over the research group

09:15 Ocean and Biogeochemistry

Torsten Bickert: The Miocene ocean: A data - model comparison

Martin Butzin: A modeler's glimpse at Tethyan outflow

Matthias Prange: Global effects of Neogene gateway closures: Studies with the CCSM

Agostino Merico: When the world turned cold: news from the Eocene/Oligocene boundary

Gerrit Lohmann: Strong meridional overturning circulation during the Late Miocene

Henning Kuhnert: Ocean front and carbonate system variations


11:00 Coffee break

11:15 Vegetation and Land

Mohamed Ouberdous: Implementation of the CARAIB model variational data assimilation system, and retreival of atmospheric parameters

Florian Rommerskirchen: Preliminary results of WP 2: African climate changes during C4 plant evolution and expansion retreival of atmospheric parameters

Volker Mosbrugger: Vegetation and climate in the Miocene - a proxy approach

12:00 Climate

Arne Micheels: Simulating the Late Miocene climate using a coupled AOGCM

13:00 Lunch (in front of the room)


Kerstin Prömmel: Palaeoclimate modelling within the research group RiftLink

Malte Heinemann: Climate at the Paleocene/Eocene boundary (55 Ma): an atmosphere-ocean general circulation model analysis

14:00 Land ice

Luisa Cristini: Study of the Cenozoic Antarctic Glaciation by an Integrated Modeling Approach

Petra Langebroek: Antarctic ice-sheet expansion in the Middle Miocene

14:30 Other talks

Johann Jungclaus: COSMOS ESM Configurations for Paleomodelling

Klaus Grosfeld: Ice sheets in COSMOS

Thomas Laepple: Chemistry modelling in UCCC

Martin Werner: Isotopes in COSMOS


15.30 Discussions and Perspectives

16:00 End

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